Sunday, August 1, 2010

Elizabeth Shannon Collier

Name: Elizabeth Shannon Collier
Favorite foods: My favorite foods are Cesar salad and macaroni and cheese
Like/not like about Pony Club: I like how Pony Club encourages us to move forward and make progress. I don't like some of the rules and decisions made
Looking forward to at Championships: I am looking forward to meeting new people-I'm on a scratch team
About my horse: Whenever Diva gets her face wet she sticks out her tongue
Hobbies: I like making bracelets and swimming
Pets: Yes, I have a hamster, two fish, one cat and three goats
Funny story: I was riding a green horse and decided to do a scissor kick. After I was turned around she started trotting around and bucking. Everyone was laughing so hard becuse I couldn't figure out how to get off of her! Eventually I slid off the side. The next time I had sombody hold her.

Brianna Mchorse

Name: Brianna McHorse (yes, really, I didn't make it up!)
Favorite foods: Sushi, blueberries, and hazelnut cake from Sweet Life
Like about Pony Club: I get to spend time with people my age who love horses. I also really like the ratings progression because I enjoy having goals to work towards.
Looking forward to at Championships: Meeting people from other clubs and regions and having a blast with my Quiz team.
About my horse: McKinna is a QH/Arab mare who we got at the Woodburn Auction several years ago for $225. We've done everything from team penning and gaming to eventing and she's up for anything, but cross country is her favorite. She is always fun to ride or be with - I just wish she was a little easier to keep clean sometimes!

Hobbies outside of horses: College and horses take up most of my time. Outside those, I love to read and write.
Pets: I have a cat named Rascal and a dog named Kuma, which means 'Bear' in Japanese.
Funny story: I have always read a lot, so when I was a kid I would sometimes use words that I knew the definition of from reading but had never heard pronounced. As a result, sometimes I came up with some interesting pronunciations! My parents enjoy making fun of me for this and I still catch myself sometimes wanting to pronounce "gauge" the way it looks instead of the way it sounds.