Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Since it is so close to Champs, here are some pictures of the organizers so you know what they look like.

Natalie Dukes

Name: Natalie Dukes

Favorite foods: Mashed potatoes and Creme Brulee.

Like/Dislike about Pony club: I love the fact that horse management and riding exist 
simultaneously in pony club. There are so many people that think 
riding is everything, and I'm glad pony club discourages that way of 
thought. However, I dislike the little unnecessary rules and how some 
rules keep changing back and forth.

Looking forward to at Championships: I am so excited for champs! This will be my first 
time riding at champs, and second time in quiz. I am looking forward  
to bonding with my new horse even more through Champs, and learning a 
lot during quiz!

About my horse: My horse Carmina is a Swiss Warmblood/QH cross. She has such a 
unique personality and most of all loves cross country. I took her to 
a rating two days after I bought her, and decided not to use her for 
cross country because I'd never ridden outside on her. She got so mad 
when I took another horse! But when we finally did cross country 
together it was the most fun I'd ever had!

Hobbies: I really don't have much of a life outside of horses. However 
I love to write, and have almost finished my first novel(It'll be 
about 300 pages). Also I enjoy memorizing pi and making balloon animals.

Pets: None currently besides Carmina. I've never had a normal pet, 
just horses and a rabbit.

Funny story: When I was 8, I fell off during the jumping round of a horse 
show. The medic came over because my glasses had smashed into my eye. 
I found out it was the doctor that delivered me! My mom blames her for 
putting the "horse curse" on me.