Saturday, August 7, 2010

Kirstin Mennella, Kent Mcneil and Heather Rankie - Dressage Horse Mangement Team

Kirstin Mennella shares a cat with Kent. She likes riding, travel, salsa dancing, and pottery. She loves seeing all the pony clubbers and friends and making new friends. She likes the team work that pony club emphasises. She says it builds strong life skills and that there is a lot of freindly people in pony club. 
She spent the last two months in Japan. During that time, she volunteered at a Japaneese Dude ranch. The people on the ranch were not as clean as a pony clubber. "I started cleaning the buckets like a good pony clubber would. Because I was American, they wanted their ranch to seem American, they followed my lead and everyday they cleaned the water buckets. "

Kent Mcneil lives in San Fransisco but is moving to Australia. He is enjoying the weather at Woodside. He plays Polo and Rugby, makes pottery, cooks, and gardens. Kent has a cat named Kunoichi which is Japanese for " female ninja". Once in japan he went to see fire works on the beach with some friends he made. The went into the ocean and got their clothes. He went to his friends house and they insisted that he take a shower and wear their clothes. Kent ended up spending the rest of the week in Japanese pajamas.

Heather Rankie has dog named Lily. She is part of the Horse management team for Dressage. She loves to travel. She also likes knitting and cooking. She likes to meet new people. She was a PonyClubber when she was younger.

Wendy Abbott

Wendy Abbott lives in Montara and is in Moon Valley Pony Club. She has a yellow Labrador named Maizey who is 9 years old. Wendy has been riding for 3-4 years. She is enjoying volunteering, greeting people, and watching ponies school in X-country. She thinks Pony Club is the best and that it gives the opportunity not just to ride but to learn about safety and dismount to. Wendy says " I'm very forget full. I can remember stories of when I was 9 but if you asked me what I had for dinner last night I couldn't tell you.

Elise True

Elise true is the stable manager for 2 teams. She lives in Oakland and is in Briones Valley Pony Club. She has 1 dog. Elise doesnt have her own horse and she competes in Eventing. She likes to hang out with her friends and go to the beach. She likes that in Pony Club there is always oppurtunity and that it's very structured and how everyone is held to the same rules

Move In day

Cathy Stack , Carol Anderson and Elise True
Today is the official move in day for the mounted disciplines (like Dressage, Games, Show Jumping, and Tet).  Dressage and Show Jumping had nice nuetral zones set up.

There was a canopy set up near the entrance to direct all the trailers that were coming in. I was helping out there with Wendy Abbott.

The Quiz competions are still going on. They will be dome tomorrow and have their awards ceremony.  I met two girls from Oregon region Megan and Rebbeca that I met in the annual meeting at Houston,TX. Megan also came to take th HA rating hosted by MidCal. It is a lot of fun to see folks from other regions and also see them again in the same year.
Megan and Rebecca at USPC 2010 Annual meeting Houston,TX