Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sneak peak on the banner

Championships start on Friday! It's hard to believe that it's so close.
Since my mom is in charge of decorating the banner you get a sneak peak. (I don't think it's very exciting though!)


Whiskey is a sweet little pony who lives at the barn that I ride in ( Tassajara Equestrian Center). He used to be in Sierra Pacific so people there might know him. He has skin cancer and has had a lot of Chemo Therapy. They are going to put him down on Monday because of the cancer. He was so confused he couldn't even figure out where his leg were. Whiskey had been to many pony club championships and some events. He could teach riders how to do ground poles and take others over 3 feet fences. Everyone is going to miss him. He is my most favorite pony.

Rebekah Polacek

Name: Rebekah Polacek
Favorite foods: I love Mexican food (when it's not spicy...I'm a wimp when it comes to spicy foods)
Like about pony club: I love the logical progression of skills, the rallies, the incredible instruction, the camaraderie, and the really unique horse management aspects of Pony Club
Looking forward to in Championships: I am looking forward to watching all of the cute Games ponies :) and also having fun with my teammates
About your horse: My horse will eat doubt this? It's true- the only thing he's ever refused was the Pacific Cooler flavor of CapriSun, and I've had him for five years now!
Hobbies: Outside of horses I like to stay active. I run hurdles in track and am starting to do XC running too- yes I know, both very similar to eventing on horseback (minus the horse)
Pets: I have three horses (Barlow, Buzz, and Monet), as well as two cats (Bella & Ella), and one dog (Phoebe)
Funny Story:  My club has this tradition now of bringing skittles to every rally...and has the ultimate skittle war with them!  So funny, the first time it happened was on a really hot day at a SJ rally and we all had skittles down our shirts that partly melted!  Luckily the rally polo that year was black...I had so much fun though, it's a great memory :)