Thursday, July 29, 2010

Kenzie Amack

Kenzie is from my club - Bay Hills. She is a total superstar. For the eventing rally, she rode both her horses, Robin in Prelim and Lol in Training. She was tied in first place in Prelim. This week she got her C3 Dressage and B traditional rating. She is always giving her horse to anyone who needs in Pony club.
Best of all, I love the chickens in her house.
Name: Kenzie Amack

Favorite foods: Ceaser salad and ice cream

Like about Pony Club:  how it allows kids of all age groups get together and have fun with horses

Not like about Pony club: how stressful it can be at times(ex: national ratings)

Looking forward to at the championships: I'm looking forward to competing, having fun with my teammates and meeting new people

About Lol: My horse Lol has an interesting personality. She takes her job seriously and is a blast to ride. She also loves to eat dirt and watermelon rinds.

Hobbies:  Some hobbies outside of horses include running x-country, reading, and spending time with family and friends.

Pets:  I have a lot of pets. We own 4 dogs, 10 chickens, 4 horses, and 2 cats.

Funny Story:  A funny story about me is when I was about ten I was running late to ride my horse. So I shoved on my paddock boots without checking to make sure there was nothing inside. At that time they were pretty big on me, so I didn't feel that there was something near the toe of one of my boots until I was halfway done with my ride. Being naive I decided to ignore it and assumed it was my oversized sock. Half an hour later when I went to take off my boots I looked inside. There at the toe of one of them sat a little mouse who was surprisingly still alive. We let him go out into the field far away from my house. I've never forgotten to check my boots since.

Ellie Chandler

Name: Ellie Chandler

Favorite Foods: Pho (A Vietnamese soup) and Avocados

Like about PonyClub: I love that in Pony Club you can be with your friends and all hang out together while learning new things about what you love. Though I don’t really like the fact that my regular trainer taught me certain things that aren’t the “Pony Club Way”.

Looking forward to at the championships: I’m really looking forward to meeting new friends from different regions and trading pins. I’m also excited to try my best at what I know and studied.

About my horse: My horse is really cocky and tends to be a brat but he is still perfect for me

Hobbies:  Outside of horses I love to play basketball and run track

Pets: Yes, I have 3 horses, 4 dogs, 1 cat, and 1 guinea pig

Funny Story:  My funny story is from when I was at a local dressage show and I walked into the arena feeling confident. I started my test and realized… my pony would NOT trot. I was kicking him as hard as I could and I look really silly. There were 3 people in my division and 2 were trainers. In my first test I got 3rd. Then for my second test my trainer gave me a dressage whip and spurs and I beat the 2 ladies I was competing against and got first. I was pretty proud.

Hannah Bailey

Name: Hannah Bailey

Favorite foods: Steak.
Like about Pony Club: I like the rallies best.

Looking forward to in the Championships: I am looking forward to working with my team.

About Rocky:  Rocky is my friend and teammates's horse who is letting me use him for Champs because my pony is lame.

Hobbies:  I like baking and art.

Pets: I have one guinea pig (Panda), two cats (Moonlight and Hermes) and one pony (Popcorn).

Funny story:  Whenever my pony Popcorn gets chiropracted, when the chiropractor is done, Popcorn lets out a really big sigh.

Ella Jensen

Name: Ella Jensen [11 year old D-3 Pony Clubber]

Favorite foods: I like many foods, my favorite fruit is an avocado or blackberries. I also enjoy Chinese food, and Italian food. 

Like about Pony Club: In Pony Club I think it’s really fun having many friends who also love riding. Rallies are also a great time. It’s also really fun being horse manager, and helping with all the horses and all of my teammates.

Looking forward to in the Championships: I think that being part of a team will be great. And watching the people on there horses will be a very good learning experience and also very fun.

About Oslo: “Oslo” is my 10 year old Welsh gelding. He is such a pony: he LOVES to eat grass, and really anything else he sees. We have been jumping ever since I got him: he is good in the 2’6” range. For about a year and a half we have been doing dressage: We do training level and first level. I started Pony club just a couple months after I started dressage. Now we do rallies, hunter-jumper shows, and dressage shows together.

Hobbies: I am at the barn almost every day, so I don’t do many other after school activities. Sometimes in the winter or in the summer, I do a play which can be really fun. In sixth grade I was on my school’s volleyball team. In school, I really like to write.

Pets: Yes! Besides my horse I have two spirited dogs named “Charlie” and “Macduff” who I really love.

Funny Story: This most likely will not seem very funny, but I’m going to tell you anyways: At a pretty recent horse show, I had some trouble with my dressage test. I got a little confused with where I was going and I messed up a little at the walk. I was ready to hear the bell ring to excuse me from the test and walk out of the ring, but before I did anything I waited for the bell, which was a good thing because the judge never rang it and I just went on with my test and did very well!

Sarah Loughran

Name: Sarah Loughran

Favorite foods: BBQ

Like about Pony Club: I love how it promotes responsibility, self sufficiency and as corny as it sounds, I've made a good group of friends thanks to this organization.

Don't like about Ponyclub: I hate the bureaucracy, I'm sorry, but some of the stuff I've had to go through at the national level with ratings, competitions and other things, I wouldn't wish upon my enemy.

Looking forward to in the Championships: I'm looking forward to having the homefield advantage. This will be my third championships, and it's the first time it will be on my "turf"

About my horse: She is the most resilient, patient animal you will ever meet. Trust me, she's been putting up with me for 11 years and hasn't run away yet.

Hobbies: Art, I love painting, sketching, photography, even writing. I can get lost in my sketchbook for hours on end.
Pets: Yup! Dog and a cat

Funny story: This year, my roommate and I got in the habit of going on walks around our university's campus late at night. We were constantly determined to create as many horror story scenarios as possible, until we saw this dark creepy shape, that then made a sound. We both nearly jumped out of our skin. Then we realized it was one of the ducks from the pond, that was literally 50 feet away from us. From that point on, one of us would just have to quack and we would fall into uncontrollable laughter.
Man, I'm going to miss college.

Ashley Alexander

My name is Ashley Alexander.

My favorite food is BBQ ribs.

I like the fact that Pony Club teaches you more than just how to ride a horse, but also how to properly care for them, learn good sportsmanship, and strong character.

I am definitely looking forward to the whole experience of championships, but mostly having a successful first “major” competition.

My horse is a 14h pony. She is making big steps in her dressage, but she also enjoys doing 3ft stadium courses with the big guys.

When I’m not riding (and unusual occurrence) I enjoy playing the piano, hanging out with friends and family, and keeping up with my busy schedule.

I do have other pets besides my horses. I have two dogs, one is a black lab and the other is a little mixture of everything. We also have a lizard which belongs to my brother.

A funny story of me....hmmm…..One day we were warming up for a jumping round over a cross rail. As my little mare came cantering around the corner she spooked a little and scooted forward. I was riding in a saddle with no knee rolls that day and my quarter pony has a pretty low neck. I felt myself slowly slide forward as we continued to ride towards the fence. By the time we got there I was sitting just in front of my poor pony’s withers. Unfazed but slightly confused she did take the little fence with my heels wrapped tightly around her neck. My friends and I could not stop laughing for a long time; I looked so funny jumping on the neck of my horse.

Natasha Jenson

Natasha is from my PonyClub. She is really sweet and very quiet. She helped pull my pony's mane before the Dressage rally.

My name is Natasha Jensen
 My favorite foods are Italian and Japanese.
 One of my favorite things about pony club is how the kids learn how to be independent and manage their time.  I'm looking forward to getting to know people from other pony clubs and of course to compete.
My horse, Tango is 22 years old but he doesn't know it. Especially when he is running cross country.
 Outside of riding, I do photography and I love spending time with my friends.
 I have two tortie cats, Mimi and Delilah, and a thoroughbred, Bentley.

Sierra Valencia

My name is Sierra Valencia, and I am a member of the Redwoods Pony club. Some of my Favorite foods are Chinese, Italian, Mexican, and American. What I like about pony club are the friends I have made and share interested of learning about taking care of my pony  who name is Sandman. I'm looking forward towards the Championships because of the amazing riders I will met and it will be my first Championships that my pony Sandman and I will attend. My pony Sandman is my best friend. He is 14.2 hands, Morgan and Palomino in color. He talks when he sees you and gives you his best. I have ridden 25 miles in Endurance and finished. Sandman has done all the Disciplines but are favorite is Cross country and riding in the open at my trainer property Nathalie Guion. My outside hobbies are running,movies,listening to music, reading and concerts with my favorite musical artists. I have two dogs,one Bearded Dragon and a cat. When I was going to school on my birthday it was raining and I was wearing my new jeans I jumped onto the sidewalk and slipped in front of all the students on the wet grass and my mother started laughing and so did I.  So, embarrassing !.

Getting ready for games - PVPC Painting Party

Here's how PVPC gets ready for champs - with a games equipment painting party of course!

1st pic in the foreground is Maxy Phillips painting her fav color, PURPLE on one of the wooden stands for the 'P O N Y  C L U B' game. These wooden stands were lovingly made for us by George Allen, fiance of our own A-rated PVPC member, Fiona Graham. They are getting married this Sat, 31 July, and yet he still found time to help out - thank you George!

2nd pic shows Claire Kendall and Sammy Philips adding some red and blue color to equipment. And yes, plenty of paint made it's way onto the girls too :)

Aliina Keers

This is Aliina Keers from Carbon River Pony Club in the Northwest Region. She is an HB, taking her C3 rating August 1st through 3rd. "It's a lot to pack in right before I head to Championships--I have one day between my rating and departure for California which happens to be my birthday! I'll be turning 22, making me "really old" as some of the younger members in my club like to say. :)" Aliina says.

My name is Aliina Keers
 I really like my grandma's macaroni and cheese. She makes it with large macaroni and adds a splash of milk with the cheese to make it extra creamy on the inside and browns the top crust so that it's crispy and delicious.
 The best part about Pony Club is the horse management. For the last few years, I've been working at rallies on the HM staff in the Northwest and Oregon regions and really enjoying it. I actually had to turn down my first Chief position for a D rally because I'll be at Championships!
 Hanging out with my teammates! I was really excited to learn who my catch team was--they're all people I've met before at various PC functions and I feel like it's going to be a blast in our tackroom. One girl is in my club currently, another used to be, I've catch-rode with our stable manager a few years ago, and I've loaned out my horse to our other rider for a foxhunt last winter. It's cool that I have already formed connections with everyone on my team and will be able to compete together.
 Lily is my 11 year old Thoroughbred. She's bossy and more manly than the two geldings that she usually lives with. While she can be cranky enough leave permanent bitemark (battle scar) on my arm, she actually likes her face held and her ears gently pulled. She can cuddle like that for hours, but shhhhhh! If she knew I'd spoiled her fearsome reputation, she'd probably be upset. ;)
 I'm actually really geeky. I don't have time for other sports between horseback riding and college, but I like reading, writing, and sewing costumes. I usually make several costumes a year and showcase them at conventions.
 Besides Lily, I have another horse named Chester. He's pretty spunky for his twenties and has taken care of a lot of my friends on their first foxhunts. I also share a cat with my sister. His name is Beowulf and he has a catch-and-release method with the field mice.
 My first day of college at the University of Washington, I arrived in my first class which was Finnish language. I didn't speak a word of it and the professor decided to just immerse us immediately into it by not speaking English for the first half. Us students learned how to say basic greetings and introduce ourselves by pointing and mimicking what the professor said. It seemed to be going very well, until the teacher switched to English, sat us all down, and asked us to explain why we had decided to take *Danish.* I was really embarrassed and found out that Finnish and Danish classes had switched rooms with each other the day before!

Heather Ercolano

Name: Heather Ercolano

Favorite foods:     Pizza 

Like about Pony Club:   I love that it teaches kids such a strong sense of responsibility and commitment. 

Looking forward to in the Championships:
   This will be my 5th championships and I'm looking forward to it being so close to home. 

About Big Ben:
  I ride a belgian draft and his name is Big Ben. But this champs I'm a stable manager so he won't be there :-(

  Any kind of water activity and hanging with friends. 

Pets: 2 horses, 2 dogs, 1 cat and 1 hamster. 

Funny Story:
 Hmmmm, can't really think of a funny story. I just like to think I'm funny in general haha

Emily Ose

 Name: Emily Ose
 Favorite foods: I love Chinese food and also enchiladas.
Like/not like about Pony Club: I love the sportsmanship and horse management parts of pc, but I don't like how rating obsessed people are. Some C1's can ride as well as a C3, they just don't have the horse, and I think that position should be respected.
 Looking forward to in the Championships: I look forward to competing against the entire western region. When I played soccer we had this cheer, "Don't mess, don't mess, don't mess with the best cause the best don't mess, don't fool, don't fool, don't fool with the cool because the cool don't fool, from the east to the west, red rockets are the best." I feel that motto applies in this situation (okay, maybe not the red rockets part, try Sierra Pacific Region in there.) I think the competition is an important factor in the motivation of many riders and pony club allows that competitive streak without losing focus of the goals of pony club as it relates to horse management.
 About your horse: He is actually my mom's horse. She bought him at four years old, helping a friend look for a horse. We did all the work ourselves, he has had about three months of professional training in the 7 years we have had him.
 Hobbies outside of horses: Ponies :D Between riding my four horses and working at a welsh pony breeders' in Galt, I don't get to have hobbies.
 Pets: Yes, we have two cats and two dogs.
 Funny story: Hm...a funny story. Each month since I was four years old, we have taken the horses out for a few days and go camping. Each time it varies where we go, places to include Napa (Skyline Park), Stone Cellar, and Jackson Meadows. When I was four years old, I rode a paint named Apache that belonged to my aunt, Sue. I was riding along the trail, turned around on Apache, when we passed a large rock along the trail. Apache didn't like the rock and decided to cut across under a low tree. He bushed me. I had no idea it was going to happen either, because I was too busy talking to my aunt who was riding behind me.