Monday, August 9, 2010

Brian Lee

Brian Lee is a 23 year old Dressage competitor from Inland Empire region. He studies Computer Science in college. He is HA rated member. He took his A rating last week but did not meet standards. He plans on taking it again next year. He save money to come to championships. He is really sweet. I got to trade my Middle California pin with him for his Inland Empire pin.

 His hobbies are running cross country, breaking things, and building things.

I got to talk to Brian and his team mates after their rides today.

Mounted Disciplines

Today, August 9th was the second day of riding for Dressage & Show Jumping. Games started today with a ver fun and colorful parade of the teams. I have some very colorful photos of it here.

The Tetrathlon competitors did their show jumping round today.
Tet competitors also did their running round today (I went on a warmup run with them. So, I didn't get to take any pictures.)

Dressage competitors were treated to Ice cream. But, they ran out of Vanilla before I got there. So, I didn't get any Ice Cream.

Sarah Carmela Ponzini

Name: Sarah Carmela Ponzini

Favorite foods: I love pasta, vegetables, ice cream, salmon, and polenta

Like or not like about Pony Club: At first I really didn’t like how you had to jump in Pony Club to advance. I was really really afraid to do it. But I ride a wonderful horse, her name is Pure Maple Syrup and she really helped me get over my fear of jumping. Now I love it and want to do it more often.

Looking forward to in the Championships:  I am looking forward to meeting new friends

About my horse: Her name is Pure Maple Syrup and she belongs to my good friend Sarah Lochran. Maple is a great friend and horse. She is very patient and cares about the rider she is carrying. She is very smart too and she loves to jump which really makes me feel safe!

Hobbies outside of horses: I like sports, designing wedding dresses, swimming and baking.

Pets: I have 15 land hermit crabs, a german shepard mixed dog I got to name Nala when I was little and a cat named Boo Boo.

Funny story about yourself: When I was about three my neighbor had two chickens named Millie and Lillie and they used to run free in our front yard and I would spend all day chasing them all around the front yard