Friday, August 6, 2010

Beth Young

Beth Young is in the Eastern Pennsylvania Region but she was in Santa Cruz county. She is the Chief HM Judge and a life time member of Pony Club. She has 2 horses named Che' and Serena, a border collie and hond mix named Angeline, and a cat named Bonnie. Her hobbies are gardening, making hay, scuba diving, reading, and voluntering at a theraputic riding center. Beth likes Pony Club because its so much fun getting to meet people from all over the place. She is proud of the way Pony Clubbers take care of their horses. "Even though Eventing is my favorite sport, now that I have been involved with all of them they are all my favorites." Beth says. A funny story about her is Once when she was in college some friends of hers tricked her into river rafting down the Colorado River. She went camping with them and they hid her car and said "You're coming with us." So they went rafting and their raft flipped over. She broke her hand had to fly in a small plane to the nearest hospital.

Judy Kosanovich

Judy is from the Southwest Region. She had a son in Moon valley Pony Club.
Her hobbies are to ride, eat lunch with her friends, and make jewelry. In fact, she made these little pony club earrings herself.

She has a Labrador named Boca Negra which means  black mouth in Spanish. They named Boca that because she has a black tongue. Judy also has a horse named Fozzy.
She likes Pony club because it teaches young people how to cooperate with each other and think and be kind to animals.

Mackenzie Cameron

Mackenzie Cameron is from Santa Cruz Pony Club. She is a HA traditional B. She is 20 years old. Mackenzie's pets are 4 horses, 4 dogs, 3 cats, 1 bunny, and lots of chickens. Her hobbies are School, soccer, reading, listening to music, coking, and riding of course.
A funny story about her is when she was 7 she went to India with her family. She was at a tiger preserve and she fell asleep while riding on the back of an elephant. 
"I like that Pony Club emphasises learin how to care for the horses, not just how to ride them. I like meeting all the people in riding world."

Deb Reuter

Deb Reuter is the Quiz Organizer from the Pacific Ridge Pony Club. She has one horse and 3 Welsh Corgies. " They are very cute." she says. Deb likes Eventing. She has been to Quiz 4-5 times. She sews for a hobbie.

Nancy Mac Isaac

                                                                             Quiz Queen?

Nancy Mac Isaac is from the Southwest Region and lives in New Mexico. She is the Chief HM Judge, Chair person  of the Quiz Committee, and the TD for Quiz at the East, Midwest and West Championships. She has a daughter that is a graduate HA. Nancy has an Aquatic frog named Fergus. She is special because she keeps coming back to Pony Club. Her hobbies are golf, sewing, and reading. A funny story is when Nancy was at Championships East and she got a frantic phone call from the judges saying they could not start because someone had eaten a tootsie roll from the candy jump.