Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Meet the HM organizer

 The HM organizer for Championships is Nicole Fisher.
She is really nice and lounged my pony when she was acting up at the Dressage rally. She also went on the International Tet Exchange a few years ago.
Here is what she says about herself.
      My name is Nichole Fisher
      I am the Tetrathlon Championships Organizer, Mid Cal Horse Management Organizer, and Santa Cruz County PC Jt-DC
     What I like about Pony Club is that it teaches independence, teamwork, leadership, and other life skills to be applied to horse care and "real-life"
     My favorite thing to do in Pony Club is to play with/mentor/teach the kids  
     My hobbies outside of Pony Club are travelling, going to the beach, pretending I'm a little kid, frolicking in the forrest
     My pets are 4 horses: Silver- my retired Paint eventer/broodmare, Tricky- TB off the track "project" horse, Dublin - 4 yo out of Silver, Paint x ISH, Kona - 3 yo out of Silver, Paint x Rhinelander
      A funny story about me: Hmmm.... I think there are too many to narrow it down to one.  Crazy people are drawn to me and will chat with me for hours, I've been accused of being an "alone dancer", I love dressing up for any occasion (not in dresses, I'm talking costume type dress up), I startle really easily...

     HM in Championships is hopefully going to be a really fun experience.  All of the discipline organizers are on the same page about making the whole experience fun and rewarding.  Even though this is going to be fun the HM expectations are a little higher and Champs than at regular regional rallies.  So hopefully everyone is working on getting rid of that dandruff NOW!

Get to know the MidCal RS

For my first spotlight we are going to meet Ronda the RS of MidCal. Drum roll please!
The parents in my club call her the fearless leader! I think that she is very funny and cool.
With out any more delay, meet Ronda and read her interesting story!

     My name is Ronda Davenport
  • I am the Regional Supervisor of the middle California Region – home to 24 Pony Clubs and 4 Pony Club Riding Centers!
  • My favorite thing to do in Pony Club is goof off with my MidCal members — water fights are great fun!
  • My hobbies outside of Pony Club are eating chocolate and hiking, traveling and reading, baking sweets, camping and having fun.
  • The people in my family are my husband Tom, daughters Kate and Emily
  • My pets are new puppy Annie and cats Henry and George
  • One funny and very tragic story of me (I have many) happened when I was five or six and was traveling in the backseat of the family station wagon.  I am one of seven kids, so we were piled in the back.  The windows were down as it was a hot summer day.  My Mom was driving along a country road.  Apparently a pheasant was flying perpendicular to the car.  The pheasant flew in the car window,  conked me in the head and died in my lap.  It was total chaos with feathers everywhere and me screaming — imagine getting hit in the head by a pheasant?!  My mom though had no idea what had happened so she swerved off to the side of the road to assess the situation.  With seven kids, there is always a situation.  It took us a moment to sort out that the pheasant had intersected the window at the exact perfect moment and hit me in the head.  Strange.  But strange things happen to me. 
 Didn't I say she is funny...