Monday, August 2, 2010

Victoria Garvin


I am Victoria Garvin.

My favorite foods are watermelon, spaghetti, hot tea and scones.

I like how Pony Club incorporates everything about horses, is inclusive of everyone, and has these fabulous Championships right in Woodside. Ratings give me something to accomplish. I particularly like that I have grown up with Gracie through Pony Club. 

I am competing at Championships in both Quiz and Games. I'm most excited about Games.... riding Gracie, playing crazy games, and being on an amazing team. There is not a single thing that I do not like about Games.   

My Games horse, Gracie, is my best friend ever. We've spent close to five years just "growing up" together. She is a wild mustang who was adopted off the open range at age two. I began to ride her when she was age 3, and I was age 8. I have many wild tales about my adventures with Gracie before we joined Pony Club. The scariest occurred when I was lounging her in a field, and she broke loose, weaving her way at a crazy gallop through four lanes of honking traffic, passing one car after another, with her lounge line flowing behind her! Hopelessly trying to catch up with her by foot, a policeman picked me up and we finally caught up with my wild child. This gives you a little taste of my unique life with Gracie. It is a miracle that the two of us survived each other! A year later, I started in Pony Club when Gracie had just turned 5, and I was only 10.  At first, she could not make it through a 60 minute lesson without bucking; Since then, Gracie has taken me through my C1 and has become a Games SUPER-STAR. I love Gracie so much that at age 11, I adopted my very own mustang gelding, and started the whole training process over again; I hope to bring him to Pony Club in about a year. So, you can see... I am devoted to MUSTANGS. Come watch Gracie at Games Championships. She is the 4th horse on the Pirana team, and that gal can run like the wind!!!!!!

My other hobby pales in comparison, but it is still pretty special. I like to foster wild kittens. (They remind me of miniature mustangs, with smaller poops and less expensive appetites!) My dog and I have taken in about 17 homeless kittens over the past 4 years. So far, everyone has been able to find a good home after we get them used to people and dogs.

You asked me for a funny story about myself. Refer back to the story above about the policeman and I chasing Gracie through traffic. (Funny in RETROSPECT, but pretty horrifying at the time!)

Rachel Eleanor Collier

Name: Rachel Eleanor Collier
Favorite foods: Fettucini Alfredo and brownies
Like about Pony club: I like pony club because it doesn't just teach you how to ride it teaches you about horse management too.
Looking forward to in Championships: I'm looking forwards to going to San Francisco and being on a scratch team
About my horse: My horse purposely gets his leg stuck around the lead rope so he can get more attention drawn to himself
Hobbies: None
Pets: I have one fish, one snake, one cat, three goats,and a horse of course