Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tayler Maye Ravenscroft

Name: Tayler Maye Ravenscroft
Favorite foods: What are your favorite foods?  Pork Dumplings at the Chinese restaurant
Like/ not like about Pony club: What do you like or not like about Pony Club?  Don't like the politics, LIKE the opportunities
Looking forward to in Championships:  Having fun in Quiz rally and watching my friends
About my horse: Tell me something about your horse.  Ace is a bay QH gelding and I would trust him to jump me off a cliff.
Hobbies out of horses:  What?  There is a world outside of horses??  :)  (really, I love to read)
Pets: Do you have pets?  yes, 2 dogs....a Doxie named Lilo and a tiny Poodle that my Mom calls FOO
Funny story: Tell me a funny story about yourself.  Onetime we were at a driving show and my Mom let me drive the golf cart.  I mistook the gas for the brake and drove us into a ditch that we managed to JUMP!  It was a riot!

Maya Mathur

Name: Maya Mathur

Favorite foods
: Japanese udon soup, plain yogurt, applesauce, vegetable things, certain cookies

Looking forward to in Championships
: For one thing, it will be my first mounted rally as a non-SM. Whoa...

About my horse: My horse, Zero Gravity, is a wonderful 14 y/o Hanoverian gelding and ex-show hunter. I do clicker training with him; he now plays "fetch" better than my dog. When he's not doing dressage, he enjoys herding cows on the trail, being ridden without a bridle, and using his hooves to splash in/break water troughs.
Hobbies: Making Halloween props and costumes, hiking around, jumping over things on foot, attempting to bake
Pets: Yep -- two African Grey parrots, two dogs, a snake, and three chickens.

Funny story: Once, at the beginning of an airplane flight, an attendant offered me water, holding up a large plastic jug to demonstrate. Instead of being normal and waiting for him to pour some into a cup, I for some reason accepted the jug. After some reflection on the incident, I of course realized my antisocial behavior. Unable to bury the enormous bottle of water in the seat back pocket, I then spent the rest of the flight with all the nearby people trying not to stare at the monstrosity rolling around on the floor in front of my feet.