Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tara Davis rides again

Even in the middle of all the activity of Champs West there was one competitor that all moms talked about. It was Tara Davis. She is a Dressage competitor from Mid Cal region. Her mom Fiona Davis was walking around the Champs grounds with a news paper that carried an article about Tara. It read "Tara rides again". Here is a link to it in San Mateo Journal.

Tara Davis from Moon Valley Pony Club - Middle California Region

Tara was diagnosed with leukemia two years ago. She has had a treaments since then. She is feeling better now and is able to ride. She did a great job on the Mid Cal team.

I didn't get to talk to her. But I thought you should atleast read the article that was published.

Her mom and dad are very happy she is doing well. She is going to go through with the last part of her treament after the championships. Good luck Tara!

Fiona Davis - Tara's mom

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